C31 Ventures

CapitaLand is interested in working with innovative companies that complement, improve, and advance the range of businesses that it is involved in. Founded in June 2016 as the venture capital arm of CapitaLand, the purpose of C31 Ventures is to complement and strengthen CapitaLand’s core as well as build new competencies and adjacencies by focusing investment efforts in our eight focus areas.


Fund Allocation

  Fund Allocation

*Singapore-focused Investments

CapitaLand has been awarded S$10 million in VC funding as part of the third installment of the National Research Foundation’s (NRF) Early Stage Venture Fund, an initiative to support local technology start-ups by matching investments on a dollar to dollar basis. C31 Ventures plans to match the grant 3:2. As such, the S$25 million fund for Singapore comprises S$10 million from the NRF and S$15 million from C31 Ventures.


Investment Focus

We invest in companies that are in the Series A to C rounds with innovative solutions in these areas of focus:


How We Provide Support

Investing to us is a mechanism in which we can find a way to work with you. If we invest in you, it is because we like what you are doing to the space and we want to find avenues for collaboration.

Where we will be useful

  • Executive level awareness
  • Wide network of buildings across multiple geographies
  • Deep domain expertise
  • Events we host and our network of influence

How we will be involved

  • It varies from each company
  • Take part in your board meetings
  • Regular investment updates


Contact Us

Email us at c31ventures@capitaland.com